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Paintball is much popular sport, and one of the most exciting games played worldwide. Those who want a little violence in sports love it. It’s worth doing an activity every weekend and makes you enthusiastic for the busy week ahead. But when it comes to how much does Paintball cost?. There’s no limit. Its inventory range from a few to thousands of dollars.

How much does paintball cost

How much does Paintball cost?

Paintball is somehow an expensive sport. Of course, it’s a reality that everyone can’t afford to buy a gun and all the personal protection equipment, but paintball fields offer all these things at a nominal rent for a game or two.

Is Paintball an expensive game to play

Yes, it is somehow. If you want to carry it as a long-term hobby, you have to invest more and more money into it. The money spent also depends upon the quality of material you use for playing this game. The Personal protection equipment varies in their prices. There would be expensive premium quality equipment and also beginner-level financial products. It depends upon your suitability of yours.

These paintball equipment include

This package can cost you 30 to 50 dollars with a primary-level gun. But if you are not content with this gun and want to switch to a more advanced gun like a semiautomatic or electromechanical gun, you would need to spend hundreds of dollars on it. The cost of a mask starts from 20 dollars. Some masks price more than 200 dollars. It’s all your convenience.

Hopper costs only 5 dollars. However, besides these essential goods, you would need to spend extra money on paintballs, high-end air guns, and clothing imperative for smooth gameplay. Yes, you can omit some of these accessories, but it can render you insecure, or you will miss some enjoys of the paintball game.

How much paint and air costs

There are one-time purchase items of Paintball like guns and masks, but things like paintballs and air are needed to be bought time and again. Paintballs are available on the market in boxes of 2000 pieces. Purchasing an item in greater quantity can lower its cost. This cost can range from 30 to 60 dollars. High-quality paintballs would be more expensive.

These paintballs are made of biodegradable, nontoxic material. High-quality paintballs are more round in shape and have a thin outer layer so they can burst easily on collision with the target. In addition, these paintballs are filled with bright paints, so no one can claim not to be it.

For CO2 or compressed air, canisters are used, and their price also varies accordingly with their sizes. Most paintball guns use CO2 canister, but compressed air is becoming more and more popular over time. The pump-style paintball guns require 12-gram CO2 canisters. For such a gun, you need to buy a disposable canister of 12 grams CO2. Some paintball fields offer on-field refills to the players.

Breakdown of Paintball Cost

Paintball has a varying cost that depends on your price range and how often you play Paintball. It also depends upon whether you want to buy your equipment or rent from any paintball field. To some extent, it also depends upon what kind of equipment is available where you are going for paintballing.

Calculating One time Cost

In case you are trying this game for the first time. If it’s just an ordeal to assess whether you like this game or not, it’s recommended that you must resort to paying a one-time fee. However, there is an abundance of paintball fields that offer you paintball equipment on rent. So pay few bucks and enjoy the game for some time. It will hardly cost you 10 to 25 dollars.

Yes, there will be an extra cost of 30 dollars for renting the equipment. In addition, some paintball fields ask you to buy their paint. This paint is expensive most of the time than paint you buy from an online store or elsewhere. This field paint can cost you from 30 to 60 dollars. So now you have an idea that in case of a one-time fee, how much paintball cost.

How much Rental Equipment cost

For the equipment to rent, below is the list for you that has checked all the necessary things that you may need.

  • A basic entry-level gun
  • Paintball mask and goggles for the protection of your face
  • CO 2 tank that propels the Paintball in the direction of the enemy
  • A hopper that will store your paint before loading it into the firing chamber.
  • And one of the unforgettable paintballs.

This rental equipment will cost you from 50 to 100 dollars for every game.

What type of Paintball game costs more?

There are two types of paintball games; let’s analyze by looking at their features that typically cost more.


This type of Paintball resembles military operations. Played for recreation in the woods. It’s a more tactical game in which you experience an actual warlike situation. This outside game is fascinating for most of the players. The playing field can include any terrain. In this type of Paintball, players can hardly see a large section of the playing field.

This type of Paintball needs extra protection because you are subjected to an open woody environment in addition to paintball shots. You would need to wear more layered clothes that will cost you a bit extra money.


Speedball is played in a field of half the size of a football. It’s marked with artificial obstacles but doesn’t have any trees and foliage. You would need essential level equipment at least to survive in this environment. On the other hand, it costs less than Paintball. Rental equipment would be enough.


Paintball is not a very expensive game but is also not affordable to everyone. You can enjoy the game by spending a hundred-dollar bill and renting the equipment every time you want to play. If you are addicted to this game and have a few bucks to spend on it, buy the paintball kit that will hardly cost you a thousand dollars. After that, you would only need paintballs that will cost you a few dollars.

I hope you find this article helped answer your query that how much does paintball cost. Also, don’t forget to share it with your friends and other paintball players.


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