What to Wear For paintball? Tips for Beginners that You Should Try

Paintball is loved across the world. It’s one of the most enjoyable game and is favorite of those who love a little violence. In this game, every player is equipped with paintball gun and have to hit the other players with full swing to knock them out. It’s for of juveniles who love to face challenging things. But in this game, you have to take care of yourself. You have to bear a constant assault paintball shots from opponent that can cause damage to the sensitive parts of your body. You need to protect yourself by using different gears. Paintball mask is for the protection of face and eyes, and suit for the body. But here many people ask about what to wear for paintball. Let’s answer this common query.

What to wear for Paintball?

What to wear for Paintball?

All of you would agree to it that paintball can cause serious damage if played in casual way can really put you in warm waters. but here the burning question is what to wear while playing paintball. You need to wear equipment that give considerable protection of all of the sensitive areas on your body. Like the area around head is most sensitive site on player’s body.

Most affordable way to protect yourself from paintball shots is to wear protection kit. You must put on adequate clothing that will protect you overall from assault. For hands there must be gloves to ensure security. For feet, one must wear shoes that provide strong grip to the ground and offer resistance to shot and finally head must be protected by robust paintball mask.

1. Upper Body Protection

Upper body protection is one of the main concerns when it comes to what to wear for paintball. For upper body protection, one may use specific garments that are layered with protective rubber. These padded layers combined with shirt or hoodie would stand still for you against paintball shots. Such garment must be padded with more than one layer at least to ensure maximum protection and minimize the impact of the shot.

Some companies like under armor manufacture such garments especially for paintball players which imitate the compression style garments.

Such kind of shirts provide significant amount of protection to the player amidst paintball field. Yes, they cost a few pennies but make you feel comfortable to great extent. These perfect protection kits are available in different styles. For the convenience of those who feel bogged down by heavy layers, short and sleeveless shirts are also available in the market.

Of course, no one wants to get over heated by wearing too much layers of clothing so such kind of layers prove to be a good option. Some people also like to wear ghillie and sniper suits for camouflage. These kinds of suits are used by hunters but paintball players can use them as well for the comfort they provide.

In market vest of different designs are available in abundance. These vests are typically used by professionals in paintball competitions in which the use hold paintballs, grenades, pistols and sundries. These vest offer vast option of colors and designs and are available in beautiful military and police designs.

2. Lower Body Protection

Long pants are imminent for playing paintball otherwise you will surely get them hurt. Players are recommended to wear a pair of elastic baggy sweatpants. Or one can resort to wearing two layers of pants, one long john and second can be old baggy jeans. There are pants in the market especially designed for paintball and they are a good option. Jump suits and cargo pants can also help.

In paintball match, player spend most of the time rolling around, crawling, and doing diverse physical practices so it’s better to wear thick and baggier clothes for bottom that can support all these bodily tasks.

If pant is wearing out and hole appears on the surface, it will expose part of your skin to grim assault and other ominous factors in the playing field. If game is being played in environment, then clothes are subjected to harsher things such as twigs, terrain rocks, dirt, thorns and these things can easily make a hole in your outfit.

3. Head Protection

Head protection is most critical in paintball field and you have to secure it any rate otherwise you will be seriously injured and game can end you up in a real trouble. Wearing a suitable paintball mask can save you sensitive organs. Paintball shot may cause less damage to rest of your body but it can completely destroy your eye, break your nose and cause head injury.

To protect your head, you can put on baseball caps, winter hats, do rags and hoodies. Wearing paintball mask is imperative for playing because it can significantly reduce the damaging capacity of paintball shot. Average speed of a paintabll shot is 200 miles/hour. If something is hurtling towards you, it’s a matter of serious concern and you need to worry.

So it’s must for a paintball player to wear a mask or helmet before entering the game. Masks give rise to a problem i.e., fogging. Sometimes when mask is not ventilation is not well enough so breath is trapped inside mask that case the blurring of screen. It can be avoided using thermal paintball masks or a mask with good ventilation.

4. Protection for Hands

One must not be allowed to descend in the paintball field without wearing paintball gloves. If you lay them bare, they are susceptible to be hurt badly. Hands must not be exposed during the whole game otherwise you will be solely responsible for the injury.

When a shot hits hands, it hit more than other parts of body due to tender nature of hands. To protect hands, one must wear a pair of suitable gloves. You can also wear football gloves, gardening gloves or little duty mechanics. It would be better if gloves are padded or have extra plastic protection.

Some people use fingerless gloves which is surely not a good option because such gloves are only best fit for body builders. Such gloves would do no good because outer skin of the finger is more sensitive and susceptible to damage. For a short-range skirmish, chances of hurting fingers increase manifold.

5. Footwear for Paintball

While deciding what type of shoes you are going to use, you should first identify that what kind of paintball are being used, woodball or speedball. In case of woodball, shoes with good tread design and substantial ankle support are preferred. Hiking boots, jogging shoes, or trail runners all are equally good for the play.

Many people like to wear combat boots while playing paintball because it increases the realistic feeling the game. Unless you are tall and stout guy, it’s not recommended to wear such shoes because it can back fire in way that they reduce the stability because of their heavy weight. You are carrying unnecessary heavy load by wearing these shoes.

Cleats are encouraged to wear even in paintball matches. But are better suitable to play in case of speedball. This is due to their strong grip for turf and grass but their ineffectiveness when it comes to running on rocks, wood, concrete and tree stumps. Here some people get confused about type of cleats. Let me tell you one thing, use of soccer and baseball cleats is totally ok but cleats with metal spikes must not be used because they can pop inflatable bunkers and hurt other players.

6. Use Dark Colored or camouflage clothes

It’s better for paintball players to wear dark colored and camouflage clothes for many good reasons. Light colored clothes are easy to get stain and look dirtier that their dark counterparts. Moreover, when playing woodball, they may also cause you to stick out like a sore thumb. It’s ok in the case of speedball but in woods ball environment, you must wear dark colored or camouflage clothes to hide yourself from enemy eyes.


Player health and Age

Factors that play a key role in determining the outlook are nature of playing field, type of guns and age of the player. some paintball fields allow the children aging 6 years to play paintball while others who use standard paintball guns have a benchmark of 10 years. It’s totally insane to send minors to play paintball because paintball can be dangerous for them and a single assault can cause a severe damage to their physical health.

Moreover, old age people are also discouraged to play paintball. Main reason is you have remained active and agile throughout the match to save yourself from enemy shots and hit the opponent at right place and it may be a hard task for someone higher than 60 years of age. If you equate the impact of paintball shot with that of rubber band hit or towel smack, you are making a mistake.


1. Dress according to weather

Weather is most significant factor while preparing for the paintball match. Weather play a key role in determining what to wear for paintball.  People choose to wear sweatshirts and double layer pants in order to reduce pain but it will be utterly uncomfortable to wear in the scorching heats of summer. So it’s recommended to wear two layers light and loose fitted clothes which you can be putted off easily if feel overheated in the game.

Opposingly in cold weather, you must wear gloves, socks, sweatshirt. To play paintball in winter with comfort, you need to wear different dressing and gear. In addition to cold temperature, you have to consider many other factors also in winter climate. In winter, paintball become hard so you need to apply enhanced protection techniques.


2. Paintball Essentials

The items I am going to mention blow are regarded as essentials of paintball game. Every professional and experienced player use these gears to their benefit in paintball match . some don’t descent in the field without these items. Let me discuss the benefits of them so you can utilize them for yourself also.


3. Anti fog Goggles

Lots of paintball players use anti fog goggles or mask for extra comfort. These masks rule out any chance of fogging of helmet screen. They offer you optimum clarity during the match and save you from unnecessary hassle of wiping the inside of goggle time and again.


4. Squeegee or Sponge

A squeegee is used to clear the pipe of your gun when paintball clogs inside it and jam the gun. When we fire a lot of paintballs, some get stuck inside the barrel and obstruct the way of their paintballs. Carrying a squeegee will minimize the chances of clogging and will allow you to play with smooth outflow of paintballs from your barrel.


5. Mask Wipe of Additional Squeegee

When you clean the gun barrel with a squeegee, you can’t conveniently use it to clean the screen when a paintball hits your screen. You need to carry a extra squeegee to wipe out the paint in case you get hit at the mask.


6. Pod Packs

Pod packs allow you to carry extra paintballs with you. You can easily carry them through and paintballs are easily accessible on waist level.


7. Paintball Waist pack

It’s essential to carry waste pack because it provides you storage capacity which you can utilize to carry items like second squeegee and bug spray.


8. Additional Gear

In summer season, it is advised to carry a sweat rag because preparation and heavy sweating will surely come in to play. To prevent the dehydration, you should also carry water. It’s recommended to add electrolytes in your water so you can replenish the salt you are losing through organic way.

For winter season, using anti fog goggles is necessary. The difference between the heat of your body and cold currents of air hitting the goggle, you will face a situation where your mask screen is blurred and vision is hindered. Anti fog glasses can play a crucial role in saving you from this hassle.

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To conclude, I want to add that paint ball is the favorite game of countless people worldwide and they enjoy it with their friends. But it’s very necessary to take all precautionary measures and to ensure best health of ourselves and peers. I assure you one thing, if you eagerly follow all of the above instructions, you won’t get hurt in any case. Take care of yourself and your friends in this game. I hope this article was helpful to you answered all of your queries.

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