Best Paintball Mask for Glasses 2022 – Top 10 Reviews

Suppose you are a paintball fanatic and looking around for the best paintball mask for glasses, Here I have personally reviewed a vast range of paintball masks and well aware of the problems and inconveniences a user face while playing paintball wearing a mask. Fitting a mask with the glasses is quite a task in itself.

Glasses get fogged, hindering the visibility of the player. That’s not what exactly you want to happen with you while you are enjoying paintball. To solve this problem, you need a best paintball mask that exactly fits with glasses, so you can comfortably enjoy the game with your friends.

Best Paintball Mask for Glasses in 2022

Paintball is an exciting game played across the globe for fun. You have to clour balls onto each other, which burst upon collision with the target body. These balls can’t cause much damage, but you have to protect sensitive parts like the face. That’s why wearing glasses and a mask is mandatory. But the problem of incompatibility of the mask with glasses arises.

Best Paintball Mask for Glasses

Therefore, to remain invincible as well as protected in the game, you are in desperate need of a paintball mask for glasses. Typically, some of you might consider it as an additional accessory; however, you may truly prevent a sad incident with the additional protective gear in your paintball mask kit. Meanwhile, do remember that paintball masks for glasses come in different qualities, but you must prefer a quality product. To add to your convenience, here are some of the best paintball masks for glasses.

10 Best Paintball Masks for Glasses

Paintball Mask
Dye i5 Paintball Goggle⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Dye I4 Paintball Goggle⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
V-force Profiler Thermal Goggles⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
EVS Paintball Mask⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
E-Flex Paintball Goggle System⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Push Unite Paintball Goggles⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
NINAT Airsoft Mask⭐⭐⭐⭐
VIO Thermal Paintball Goggle⭐⭐⭐⭐
Valken Paintball MI-7 Goggle⭐⭐⭐⭐
CS Game Paintball Mask⭐⭐⭐⭐


Dye i5



  • 290-degree ultra-wide vision
  • Effective venting system
  • Quick Release foam kit replacement
  • Anatomic fit and function
  • Heads up POV mount
  • Rapid Lens change
  • ASTM Certified
  • Compression formed ear with sound catch


  • A bit expensive.

Dye I5 paintball goggle is the best product of its kind. When it comes to premium quality paintball protection gear, Dye I5 is the priority of many. It provides its customers best of the features that a paintball mask can offer. So without any delay, let’s move towards its astonishingly great features.

Its features are so cool that I can bet you will be eager to pay some bucks more in return for the luxuries it provides to its customers.

Ultra-Wide Vision

Dye I5, unlike any other product in the list, provides the most significant vision angle, i.e., 290 degrees. Its anti-fog lenses are also unique. It offers an ultra-wide vision that provides a clear and comprehensive picture of the battleground to the player. Anti-fog lens hinders anything from distorting the visibility giving the user the best experience ever.

Also check out complete list of anti-fog paintball masks.

Multi-directional venting

Having perfectly angled blades on three sides of the mask, it provides perfect air and moisture venting. The spaces through the front edges allow fresh air to move inside, pushing warm air outside from the side blades.

Moreover it this venting system makes player-to-player communication easy. Improves breathability with better communication is the best feature a paintball mask can have.

POV Integrated system for camera

This is the unique feature; it has integrated a POV system for the camera to play with confidence that you are capturing every moment. This POV mount is held parallel to your sight, to which you can attach your camera securely and enjoy the match by capturing every second of it.

Compression Formed Ears With Sound Catch

Ear protection is very critical in the game, but that must not make the mask heavier. I5 features a compression earpiece that, unlike others, is extremely lightweight, flexible, and soft. This earpiece is made of advanced material that increases moisture evaporation while providing complete coverage protection and comfort.

Anatomic Fit and Function

This anatomically fit Dye I5 mask offers the best comfort for all facial needs. The mask’s geometry is designed to ensure long-lasting comfort is engineered to distribute force evenly for a soft yet positive fit that doesn’t pinch or cause fatigue.


No doubt I5 holds the top position in the list of Best Paintball Mask for glasses. Being the most luxurious product of the lot, I5 holds all the qualities that a premium quality paintball mask must have. You are a professional or a beginner; this mask is the best fit for you.




DYE i4 Paintball

Dye Precision I4 Thermal Paintball Mask



  • Compatible with glasses
  • Best field vision
  • Breathability and ventilation
  • Comfortable
  • Facial friendly structure
  • Durable and compact against impact
  • Precise blade angling
  • Ear Protection provided
  • Lightweight and flexible


  • No removable visor
  • No glare protection

Dye I4 paintball goggle is one of the best products of its nature in the online market. It fulfils the user demands consisting of all possible features that a paintball player may desire of a goggle. Being light in weight and minimal in size, I4 equips the player with the best field of vision a goggle system can offer.

Anatomically Correct Structure

The main thing everyone desires of a mask is to be comfortable. Uncomfortable or misfit masks make your playing experience worse. Dye I4 mask offers a comfortable structure that matches the human facial edifice.

It utilizes dual-stage foam, which encompasses closed and open-cell foam that adds to the user’s comfort. Its anatomic correction makes it highly convenient for gameplay.

I4 possess a strong body. Tested twice after manufacturing over the standards of ASTM and CE prove its durability.

Anti Fog Technology

The presence of antifog technology makes it resistant to fog. The thermal lens installed in it provides the user with maximum optical clarity. While playing paintball, glasses are susceptible to blurring, lowering the visibility.

I4 effectively solves this problem by its antifog system to have the best experience of the game.

Venting system

Mask contains precise bladé angling and venting system for breathing. Highly configurable breathing vents of masks make it comfortable for the user. These blades and angling system ensure the comfort level making the mask usable for longer playtimes.

Ear Protection

In a paintball game, ear protection is very critical. Unlike local products, I4 provides you with a solution to this. In addressing this ear protection problem, some masks become bulky in weight, but this product retains a balance between two features.

So the product forges a compression-formed earpiece that is soft in nature and flexible in usage, and extremely low in weight. It makes I4 comfortable as well as safe.


Most of the benefit with almost no limitations is best for you to operate during paintball match with your friends effectively. Fancy colours of it will also make your looks unique.


Do you have low budget? Do not worry, check out review article on best budget paintball masks.




V-Force Profiler

V-force Profiler Thermal Goggles



  • Very appropriate due to its lightweight
  • Has dual-density facial foam embedded in?
  • Affordable price
  • Perfect for glasses users
  • Contains flex panels that bounce back the paintball hit
  • Anti-fog
  • Large peripheral vision


  • Vents can allow the paint to sip in
  • Its nominal size exposes some part of your jaw to paintball shots

Are you looking for a lightweight but strong paintball mask that matches in features with an expensive mask? Then this product is exclusively for you. This product provides 3d lens for unrestricted peripheral vision. Silicon strap of premium quality and comfortable foam to equip the paintball player with the best tool to rock the game.

Due to its magical features, its customers love it. Paintball professionals world wife have given good reviews about this product that’s why it stands in the list of Best Paintball Mask for glasses. Let me give you a depth view of its beautiful features so you can have a better idea.

Large Peripheral Vision

From beginner to professional, every paintball player wants a clear and wide vision of the field to spot on the enemies. Do you want the perfect gear for this? V-force may help you quench this desire of yours.

With the 280-degree ultra vision of the field, v force provides its users best visibility during the gameplay. This ultra vision won’t let you down. Furthermore, it has a visor that prevents ultraviolet and infrared rays from the sun to obstruct your visibility. Hence it’s almost the best option.

Thermal Lenses

Equipped with an ultra-quality thermal mask or lens, make this mask free of any kind. Ao major problems most of the paintball players face regarding mask is solved. These lenses are made up of quality material that can resist a certain amount of impact. These strong and sturdy lenses don’t allow any scratch and provide distortion-free unbeatable vision to its users.

Full flex pro factor

The special thing that this product feature is the full flex grill installed in front of the mask. This rubber grill bounces the paintball shot back and minimizes the damage. This bounce-back feature is very rare.

Moreover, v-force has a strong silicone strap at its back. This sturdy strap holds the mask with your head firmly, eliminating the chances of loosening that may cause hassle during gameplay.




EVS Paintball

EVS Paintball Mask



  • Fit for small faces and big heads
  • Scratch proof
  • Maximum Coverage
  • Thermal layer over lens
  • Triple density facial foam providing ultra protection
  • Clear hearing and communication
  • Anti Fog


  • Provides less horizontal field vision
  • A bit costly

EVS was the world’s first intelligent paintball mask. One of the best products of its kind, EVS has all the essentials of being the most comfortable and user-friendly equipment.

Let me introduce you to some of its features. Though these features are already present in other products in the market, EVS is in one solution. The following features are reasons why this product sits on the list of Best Paintball Mask for glasses.

Easy lens replacement

EVS provides you with the ability to change the lenses with rapid speed. Such ease in operating makes it loveable for many customers. Both lenses will take 30 seconds to replace.

IT has excellent for glasses users, providing the maximum coverage and ultra protection against paintball shots; these glasses make you secure all the time.

Wide Range Spherical Lens

Dual paned spherical lenses provide the best experience to the user. These spherical lenses are designed to give a 270-degree view of the field. Commonly in every and exclusively in paintball, spotting the enemy and getting a clear picture of the battlefield is everything. EVS provides you with the best facility to gel in with your environment and take complete control of it.

Silicon Backed head Strap

For proper fitting, the mask has a flexible silicon-backed strap. That completely fits with the head specs. It reduces the chances of loosening of mask or any discomfort during the operation. Moreover, this silicon-backed head strap ensures fitting with any size of the head.


Plenty of holes are present on the front side of the mask. They serve the best way in venting, allowing the cool outside air to move and side and fetch out the inside warm air. In this way, it provides excellent comfort to the player. Improving breathability and air circulation makes it one of the best choices for the customers.

Facial absorber foam

EVS has facial absorber foam installed in it. That high-quality facial foam absorbs all kinds of seat and heat from your face, hindering it from entering the eyes. Sweat can cause actual discomfort during play; this problem of the customer is easily salvaged.


If we compare EVS with other products, it has many plus points over different paintball masks. Providing ultra protection with sweat absorber foam and 270 degrees of field view, EVS makes itself unique. However, a bit higher in price but above features will serve you well.




E-Flex Paintball

E-Flex Paintball Goggle System



  • Effective venting
  • Hypoallergenic foam
  • Ultra-soft interior
  • Lightweight
  • Anti-fog
  • Clear vision
  • Rapid lens change
  • Improved breathability
  • Reduced silhouette


  • Slightly less field vision

EFlex paintball goggle is another best product of its kind. The market is stuffed with products that claim to be the best quality. But E-flex is proving to be best in the case of paintball attack protection gear. In addition to its beautiful look, it has all the essential features that a reasonable protection bear must possess.

Let me introduce some of its features to have a better idea about buying a good paintball mask.

Venting system

The best air venting system is the feature that every customer seeks from any paintball mask. Imperative for comfortable play, venting system has to effective for proper breathability. E-Plex offers the best venting system. Hoes carved on the front and sides of the mask ensure adequate airflow.

Lens exchange can also be performed rapidly. This adds to the gameplay experience; you can easily remove and change the glasses whenever you want. This feature is present in most expensive paintball masks, but E-Plex provides this feature at a nominal price.

Antifog lens

Its antifog lens provides you with the best and clear vision of the field. Fog sometimes occur inside the mask, hindering the vision and destroying the play. No one likes to be fogged while playing paintball. E-plex uses thermal
antifog clear lenses, which undergo zero distortion even during worse conditions and provide the best user experience.

Lightweight and High quality

This product is light in weight compared to the other products in the market, but it doesn’t compromise its quality. E-plex provides its user with the best protection against the paintball hit and high impact resistance. Using the best materials for the product has built trust among the customers of E-Plex.

Soft and Flexible Face Skirt

High-quality products always consider the customer comfort their priority. The same is E-Plex. With its interior furnished with smooth, high quality durable, e plex is best for facial comfort inside any mask. Having a super soft and flexible face skirt with a reduced silhouette attracts many people’s attention.

Hypoallergenic Foam

Foam is installed in every paintball mask, but hypoallergenic foam utilized by e-plex is matchless. It absorbs the sweat from your face, putting a halt to the discomfort it causes.


When we compare E-plex to the other products, it proves to be very cost-effective. Low-price products provide almost all the privileges offered by the expensive ones. When it comes to Best Paintball Mask for glasses, E-plex bodes well with it.




Push Unite

Push Unite Paintball Goggles



  • Maximum coverage
  • Improved breathability
  • Magnetic Chin strap for a perfect fit
  • Quad layer thermal lens
  • Anti-fog
  • Protection for nose and ears
  • Glasses friendly
  • Light weight
  • Comfortable product
  • Best for small heads


  • A bit costly

Push unite paintball goggles has remarkable features. This mask is an excellent combination of experience and craftsmanship. The customers immensely like the improved design.

Push unite is a high-quality mask and have a lot of reasons to consider as the Best Paintball Mask for glasses. This product will make your paintball experience enjoyable with its unmatchable features.

So Let’s have a brief look at its features.

High-Quality Protective Case

Protection is the first and foremost priority of every paintball. The head is the most vulnerable part of the body, needs significant protection during play. The product we are discussing is manufactured with high-quality plastic that provides you best protection from paintball hits; this strong case will repel any stuff that is hurtling towards your head.

Rapid-fire during play that is targeting your head can cause severe damage. But as long as you are using a push unite mask, you don’t need to worry about it. It will protect you from every shot aimed at your head.

Lightweight Multi-Layered Structure

Being strengthened doesn’t mean overweight. This line best fits the push unite mask. The market is rife with paintball masks brilliant with their other features, but their considerable weight makes them highly uncomfortable at the paintball battlefield. So customers don’t like them. Everyone needs a product that gives desired features with comfort. This mask is best in this case.

Being light in weight makes it highly preferable for usage. Very easy to handle because of its lightweight but robust protection. Unlike many others in the market, push unite provides both features in a single product. You don’t have to carry heavy loads on your head for protection. Wear push unite, and enjoy the game like you are bare-headed.

Anti-fog Lens

This paintball mask comes with the ability to provide you with a clear vision in every situation. If you are afraid of fogging that occurred last time because of the mask’s poor ventilation, that will not happen in the case of push unite. It utilizes a quad layered lens thermal lens that can’t be fogged.

Venting System

A matchless venting system consisting of 16 loud strategic vents makes push unite unique. These vents improve the player’s breathability, dissipating warm air and heat while allowing cool air to move inside.

Some other plus points are, there is enough interior space face size, and one can adjust that space according to his/her specifications.

Moreover, you don’t need to insert foam to fit the arms of the glasses. Mask is designed to hold the glasses without pressing the frame on the bridge of your nose.




NINAT Airsoft

NINAT Airsoft Mask



  • High-quality product
  • Good impact Resistance
  • Good breathability
  • Durable
  • Comfortable product
  • Cool outlook
  • Best for glasses
  • Secure and stable


  • Can withstand limited FPS

Ninat airsoft mask is also best fir if you want to adjust googles with a paintball mask. If you are searching for the Best Paintball Mask for glasses, this mask can be the product of your concern. Having brilliant features at a meagre price, the NINAT airsoft mask is best for customers with a low budget. No other product provides such features within this much low price range.

Such magical features compel the customer to buy it. Without any delay, let me give you an overview of its components so you can decide yourself that NINAT can be the most cost-effective paintball mask for goggles in the market.

Have a look at the differences and comparisons between airsoft and paintball.

Quality and safe material

It is made of polycarbonate material and TPU impact-resistant composite. It provides you best protection against any attack on the paintball field. Its strong structure with high impact resistant material won’t allow any shot to cause damage to your head.

Moreover, foam is installed to provide comfort to your eyes and ears and best fit with your facial specifications. An adjustable elastic strap backs your head. You can adjust the strap according to your size.

Wide Usage

Airsoft mask, because of its budget-friendly nature, is widely used by paintball players across the globe. It is not just a paintball mask. NINAT can be used for outdoor competitions, survival games, and parties. This durable mask is just perfect for every such occasion.

Another cool feature, an airsoft mask, makes you look insanely cool. That’s another reason why such a vast audience loves it. NINAT comes in the universal size of 9.4″ * 9.8″ (24*25 CM). You can adjust it according to your facial specs, and it will perfectly fit on your face, making your gameplay super comfortable.

Security and Stability

Quality material makes airsoft super secure for the players. Its adjustable strap and foaming provide stability during gameplay that is the imminent thing if you want to win the games. An unstable mask causes much discomfort. You have to tighten the strap again, and again which can lead to collapse during the match.

Customers should pay attention to the fact that it can withstand 310FPS within 5 meters of bbs shooting. If the impact is higher than it, it is advised to wear ANSI Z87.1 impact-rated goggles and a mask to protect the eyes.




VIO Thermal

VIO Thermal Paintball Goggle



  • High durability
  • Unique design
  • Versatility and innovation
  • Provides excellent field vision
  • Anti Fog
  • Equipped with shock absorber technology
  • Improved ventilation and breathability


  • It comes without Visor

VIO thermal paintball mask is, no doubt, one of the best paintball masks on the market. I am pretty sure that VIO will embellish your paintball experience more exciting and fun. This mask got my attention when I was searching through Amazon for Best Paintball Mask for goggles. Its versatile design and stylish look have attracted a lot of audiences.

It features everything that a paintball player may desire from a mask. Let me introduce you to its remarkable features to validate my above comments about it without any delay.

Improved Visibility

Large thermal lenses offer the best field view. As they are thermal lenses, there are no chances of fogging or distortion in visibility. This systematic feature of the goggle makes a difference. If you are a paintball player and struggling with the fog issue and want to avoid it at any cost, I advise you to buy this mask, and fog will never disturb you again.

Another plus point is that the lens is easily replaceable. If you want to change the lens during a game, it will take only 5 to 10 seconds of yours to do that. The lens is hinge locked, and we can easily remove it by using the helmet strap.

More Secure

This mask comes with an enlarged strap that firmly holds the helmet with your head and avoids any hassle of loosening during the game. This strap provides protection and comfort to the head’s ears and backside, making the mask more secure.

Moreover, the adjustments with the strap are also upgraded.

High-End Comfort

The weight of this mask is almost none. It seems like you have worn nothing on your head. Earpads installed inside the mask avoid any echo which can distort the game. They provide comfort as well as protection.

Breathing vents present directly in front of the mouth provide the best way for the movement of air. These vents transmit voice, making player-to-player communication easy.

Stylish outlook

As you can see in the product image, this mask looks cool and stylish. Utilizing the reality brush camo design, it presents the best look. Uses interchangeable matching facemask, which can be changed by balanced facemask coverage.

Moreover, it provides a quick lens change feature to its customers. Equipped with a thermal lens, it gives 100% resistance against fog as well as UV rays.




Valken MI-7

Valken Paintball MI-7 Goggle



  • Extreme Protection
  • Anti Fog coating on the lens
  • ASTM and CE certified
  • Strong and sturdy product
  • Best to use with glasses
  • Dual-layer comfort foam
  • Double panned thermal lens
  • The extended vision of 260 degrees horizontal and 160 degrees vertical


  • A little bit heavy

Valken Paintball MI-7 Goggle has earned a good reputation among paintball players in the recent past. This mask offers the best protection against paintball shots. Because of its incredible features, there is a consistent increase in demand for this mask. This durable mask will provide you with high-level protection with utmost comfort.

After having an overview of this product, you understand why this mask is here in the list of best paintball masks for goggles. Let me give a detailed view of its features so you can take the decision of buying this incredible product.

Extreme Vision

The feature that has earned a lot of accolades for the product is its ultra-wide vision. The product comes with a 260 degree horizontal vie and a 160-degree vertical view. Such large field view measures, especially in the case of vertical, make this product unique.

Most paintball players are looking for a mask that can provide the best field view, i.e., comprehensive and precise. Valken’s mask is the best option in this case. No other mask offers such a complete package. That’s why this product is on my list of Best Paintball Mask for glasses.

Extended Protection

Valken’s paintball masks are made of supreme quality plastic material which gives them their sturdy and robust nature, and they can withstand significant impacts. This mask is the same case. Made up of quality material, providing full head coverage to the player makes it the safest mask of the lot.

In addition to solid material, this mask is equipped with two layers of foam that provide ultra protection and comfort to the player. These double layers of foam are sporadic. Another distinguishable factor that makes this product incredibly good.

Double Panned Lens

A double panned lens installed on the front side of the mask ensures a clear and distortion-free view. These double-layered masks provide zero room for fogging to maximize visibility even if the wet vapour from breath accumulates on the lens plate.

Features of Valken’s mask are pretty astonishing. When the market is filled with quality masks with a sky-high price, this mask provides almost everything at a meagre price. It has gained much popularity among paintball players as well as professionals in a short period.




CS Game

CS Game Paintball Mask



  • Highly comfortable
  • High impact resistance
  • Versatile product and can be used for multiple sports
  • Large size, best fit for big heads
  • Good venting system


  • Low strength in case of airsoft games

CS Game Paintball Mask appears to be an excellent mask to be used with goggles. A lightweight, durable mask with extraordinary features. This mask presents a stylish outlook with solid protection from paintball shots. Blades carved on the front side of the mask provide good air ventilation and improve breathability. There are plenty of reasons for this mask to be on the list of Best Paintball Mask for glasses.

It features a bunch of comforting abilities that will make anyone love it. From professional to beginner, this mask is fit for everyone. Getting a good reputation because of its exciting features, this mask is the favourite gear of many paintball players. Let me tell you the parts that distinguish it from other masks on the list.

High Impact Resistant Material

In the low-price range, this product provides the most potent solution against the paintball shots. This product is manufactured with polycarbonate and ABS plastic material that are famous for their impact resistance.

Lenses used in it are also strong and impact resistant. This mask will perfectly fit with your glasses and will hold the paintball shots away from hurting you.


CS paintball mask is a versatile product. It may not only be used for paintball competitions but also can be used as protective gear in other sports.


The lenses used are high quality and impact resistant. The surface of the lenses has strong mechanical properties like high toughness, heavy resistance against deformation, and strong air permeability.

These lenses can withstand the impact of 310 FPS within a five-meter range of paintball shooting. To ensure your eyes’ safety, you must use goggles in airsoft games in which impact is more than its strength.




Final Words

A paintball mask is a basic necessity that every paintball player has to wear for safety purposes. But some players, even professional ones, wear glasses with a paintball mask; this additional thing creates a difficulty that every paintball mask does not fit well with the glasses. So a lot of people search for a suitable mask that can work well with glasses.

In this article, i.e., Best Paintball Mask for glasses, I have reviewed all the products that fit well with glasses. All of the products mentioned above are the best in their features. I expect you have gone through all of them, and now you can select any of the above products in line with your convenience. I hope you liked this article and it gave you the information that you were looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Q:1 Can we use Glasses with Paintball mask? How does it fit with it?

Yes, you can wear a paintball mask with glasses. You have to make sure that you are using the one designed to accommodate glasses in it. In paintball mask, which has a specific place for glasses, has foam cut on both sides of the glasses’ arms.

Q:2 How Fogging in a paintball mask can be stopped?

Fogging in a paintball mask occurs when vapours out of our breath accumulate on the lens and condense there. We can avoid this phenomenon by improving breathability. Other ways to remove fogging are spray and thermal lenses. A spray is used to hinder to condensation of vapours on the lenses. The mists do not fog thermal lenses.

Q:3 How single pane and double-paned lenses differ?

Lenses are made up of polycarbonate material. That’s why they are solid and sturdy. A single pane lens only uses a single layer of polycarbonate material. Double panned lenses have two layers of polycarbonate materials joined together with glue and foam, which prevent fogging.

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