Best Paintball Mask under 100 – Top 10 Best Budget Masks

No doubt paintball is your favorite game, and it’s one of the most thrilling games in the world, but safety must be the priority. That excitement must not damage your safety, and that safety must not come at the cost of your performance. So what’s the best option. Today our discussions will revolve around Best Paintball Mask under 100.

Many paintball masks in the market serve the best to your cause and protect you from every paintball shot hurtling towards you. These masks put a heavy burden on your pocket. Most paintball players, especially beginners, look for a suitable replacement, so they can easily manage their budget without compromising health.

Best Paintball Mask under 100

Best Paintball Mask Under 100 – Budget Friendly Masks

A lot of people are looking for a quality paintball mask pertinent to their budget. My today’s article covers all the aspects of that specific demand. If you are also a beginner or have a low budget range, it is not recommended to buy premium paintball masks that cost hundreds of dollars. You can start your game experience with a low-range product.

In this article, I have listed the ten best products that lie under the range of 100$. Though cheap, these products provide the best features and are not less than those premium quality masks. These products are highly acclaimed at online selling platforms, especially Amazon. I spent a reasonable amount of time aggregating this best group of products for you.

These are the best paintball masks under 100 available on online platforms. Without delay, let me take you to the exciting products.

Paintball Mask
V-Force Grill Thermal Paintball Mask⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
BASE Paintball Goggles⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
FMA F1 Bike Safety Goggle⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Tippmann Tactical Mesh Airsoft Goggle⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
H.K. Army Thermal Paintball Mask⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Empire E-Flex Paintball Goggle⭐⭐⭐⭐
G.I. SPORTZ Grill Goggles⭐⭐⭐⭐
Senmortar Airsoft Mask⭐⭐⭐⭐
J.T. Premise Paintball Goggle⭐⭐⭐⭐
Empire Paintball Helix Thermal Lens⭐⭐⭐⭐


V-Force Grill Thermal Paintball Mask



  • Affordable Price
  • Gigantic peripheral vision
  • Bounces back paintballs due to full flex pro grill
  • Durable Product
  • Facial Foam Embedded
  • Lightweight


  • Paint can sip in through vents
  • Due to short sizes, it exposes some part of your face.

V force grill thermal paintball mask can be said to be the best mask in the race of economical paintball masks. It comes with all the premium features that expensive paintball masks offer, but when it comes to price, it’s below 100. That why I have featured this product at the top of my list. No doubt v force is a good choice for those who are searching for Best Paintball Mask under 100

When it comes to features, v force offers a good range of desirable qualities. Cutting edge design with thermos-cured anti fog lenses enhances visibility. This stylish-looking mask has an aggressive low profile and sleek design. It bounces back the paintball fired through its pro flex grill. Let me give you a more detailed view of its features.

High-Quality Lenses

The product is equipped with the best cutting-edge technology. It leads the paintball mask industry by installing thermos-cured Anti fog lenses to the mask. These anti fog lenses provide the best visibility to the player during gameplay. If you are worried about fogging, this mask will sigh relief to you as there is no chance of fog accumulation on these thermocured lenses.

These ultra-quality lenses make their best pick for those who want to experience the best optical Clarity in the playing field, along with a minimal price. Moreover, v force utilizes anti-scratch lenses that offer unbeatable distortion-free optics to its users.


This mask is designed to provide you best vision. Its sleek spherical lenses with aggressive low profile make it unique.3D sunglasses offer a 280-degree expansive peripheral vision to the player. This design bestows this mask with the best visibility.

Moreover, V force is a stylish-looking mask. Its sleek design makes you look super cool on the playing field. Its small size reduces the target zone of the assailant and provides you protection. This comfortable design has attracted a lot of customers in recent years.

Bouncing factor

V force has a full flex pro grill that enables it to bounce back the paintball fired. The presence of a center faces soft rubber area maximizes the bounce factor. Breathing vents available on the front and sides of the mask ensure adequate ventilation and allow the player to communicate efficiently.




BASE Goggles

BASE Paintball Goggles



  • Budget-Friendly with premium features
  • Optimum Clarity
  • Comfortable for all facial contours
  • Minimum Glare due to visor
  • Excellent Breathability
  • Stylish product


  • Little tight on ears

Base Paintball Goggles is one of the most appreciated and used paintball masks in the market. It offers a good range of premium features that everyone desires. It provides solid protection to the players. Having quality lenses offers optimum optical Clarity. Moreover, constructed with quality material makes it a sturdy option and a good choice for those looking for the Best Paintball Mask under 100.

These were some salient features of this product. Professionals use base paintball goggles, and they have given excellent reviews about this mask. Do you want to know what is unique about this product?. Let me take you to its features.

Ballistic Protection

Fulfilling its primary purpose, a base paintball mask offers the best protection to the player. This product is manufactured with the best quality impact-resistant material that provides ballistic protection to the player. It absorbs the impact from paintball shots, effectively letting you unharmed.

Mask meets all the ASTM standards of paintball safety. It is designed to curb different sizes of paintball shots. This mask is truly effective against fragments of shells of both .50 and .68 caliber paintballs. It also diverts the 6mm airsoft paintball prom reaching and hurting you. Hence it provides comprehensive protection to your head from any kind of paintball assault.

Quality Vision

Base paintball is designed to provide you best playfield visibility. It contains Tool free modular moisture-wicking soft goggle foam for optimal eye protection. Mask is equipped with a wide-angle, dual pane thermal anti fog lens that offers distortion-free visibility for the customer.

Having quality lenses avoids the hassle of fog. If you are a paintball player, you are well aware of the damage a fogged mask can do on the playing field. Base paintball mask has anti fog thermal lenses that eliminate any chances of fogging. Moreover, it has a removable visor. This visor curtails Ultraviolet rays from the sun and avoids Glare. Hence this mask provides the best vision to its users.

Ultra Comfort

Base paintball mask gives you the maximum comfort possible. It features a functionally fit design. Foam is layered inside to precisely fit with your face and absorb sweat.

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FMA F1 Goggle

FMA F1 Bike Safety Goggle



  • Sturdy Structure
  • Little price as compared to features
  • Thermal paintball mask
  • Equipped with visor
  • Lightweight
  • Soft interior with adjustable band
  • Manufactured with neoprene
  • Offer best ventilation and breathability


  • Leave your head unprotected

FMA F1 Bike Safety Anti-Fog Goggle is a viable option for those who require an excellent solution to the problem of costly paintball masks. Equipped with all desirable premium features, F.M. is one of the best products of its kind. A product that offers comfort as well as the best protection to its users. Different segments of paintball players have opined well about this product.

It can be the best pick for you if you are also searching for Best Paintball Mask under 100. It features the best qualities like broad vision, anti fog lenses, sturdy protection, and adequate ventilation that make it a favorite product of its users. Undoubtedly FMA is a user-friendly gadget. Let me explain these features so you may love them too.

Material and Design

Finding a suitable paintball mask for you may not be an easy task. Some products that come into your price range may be low quality, and high quality may out your budget. But FMA is a constructive solution to this hassle. Equipped with all high-end qualities like the best interior and exterior design with bombastic protection, it’s available cheaply.

Made with quality neoprene plastic material, it has a strong structure. To curb any paintball shot from hurting you, this material offers good impact resistance. It has the best design to protect you. Serving its cause in the best manner provides ultra comfort to you. Indeed a quality product that is loved by scores of audience.

Best Visibility

Mask projects the best view of the field. It is equipped with large anti fog lenses, which eliminate any chances of fogging during the paintball match. We know well that how many problems a fogged screen can cause during a paintball match. So to avoid this, we have listed this product in the article to avoid inconvenience.

It provides a large area of visibility to the player. Its large lenses hold full responsibility for delivering you a clear and expansive view of the field. Thermally painted goggles also prohibit any glare from disturbing you and causing any discomfort. No doubt it’s the best product for those who are facing visibility issues with their previous mask.

Ultra Comfort

Everything it features is to provide you with comfort. Customer comfort is the priority of quality products. So is in the FMA paintball mask. A smooth interior is the hallmark of that. It features an adjustable strap to hold the mask tight with your head. Mask is designed to dissipate the trapped heat effectively.

It provides good breathability and ventilation through series of vents present on it. The bridge of the nose is silicone material, is along the direction of gas hole design, provides maximum ventilation to ensure optimal outdoor sports performance.




Tippmann Tactical Mesh

Tippmann Tactical Mesh Airsoft Goggle



  • High-end protection
  • Ultra quality product
  • Hypoallergenic super comfortable foam
  • Sturdy plastic material
  • Equipped with removable visor
  • Contains a woven adjustable strap with anti-slip silicone strips
  • Glare-Free and Anti Fog
  • Low price
  • Have an integrated mesh faceplate for enhanced protection


  • Less number of breathing vents

Tippmann Tactical Mesh Airsoft Goggle is best when it comes to economical solutions. Its features include a thermal dual-pane lens with 260-degree vision. Its interior is lined with hypoallergenic facial foam. Adjustable strap and removable visor increase its desirability. Most of all, it comes at a low price. All these features make it the best pick in search of Best Paintball Mask under 100.

I gave you a concise view of its features above. In the recent past, it has earned a good reputation among general paintball players because of its excellent features. suppose you want to have a detailed review of this product. Following are its features, explained.

Best Visibility

Tippman is best when it comes to field view. This mask will give you a more extensive and clear idea of the playing field so you can easily spot the enemies and strike at them. Its super quality thermal lenses avoid any fog from hindering your view. Once you start using it, you will forget about visibility errors.

Expansive field view is something that makes it unique. It offers a 260-degree wide-field view. Thermal dual pane lens installed in it, paint a clear picture. A removable visor prohibits any ray from the sun from entering the mask and causes hassle. In this way, the Tippman mask gives you optimum optical Clarity and broad visibility


Hypoallergenic foam is installed in a mask that provides the best comfort to the player. this face foam absorbs sweat and avoids inconvenience during the match. Equipped with a woven adjustable strap with anti-slip silicon strips will firmly hold the mask with the head without discomfort and will provide maximum stability.


This mask comes with a unique and fabulous design that distinguishes it from other masks in the market. Small size and lightweight thermal paintball mask that offers different looks than traditional paintball masks and is liked by a lot of audiences.




H.K Thermal

H.K. Thermal Paintball Mask



  • Strong and sturdy structure
  • Unique & Lighweight design
  • Best Ventilation
  • Budget-Friendly product
  • Thermal lenses
  • Maximum optical Clarity
  • Quick Lens change system
  • Removable upper and lower goggle
  • Additional strap for enhanced stability


  • Voice echoes hinder effective communication

H.K. army thermal Paintball mask is another fantastic product in my collection. Are you looking for a heavy-duty intense paintball mask that matches in features with an expensive mask? Then this product is exclusively for you. With the 280-degree ultra vision of the field, v force provides its users best visibility during the gameplay. Another wide range of features makes every user love it. Once you use it, I hope you won’t switch to any different mask.

I strive to search Best Paintball Mask under 100; the H.K. army paintball mask is a matchless product. With its heavy-duty design and sturdy structure, it’s a unique product in the market. It serves you in the best ways by providing you ultimate protection, best breathability, comfort, and stability. Let’s see how it features such excellent traits.

Optical Clarity

Equipped with the best quality thermal lenses, it offers optimum optical clarity to its customers. There are many factors in a paintball playing field that can hinder visibility but this mask copes up with all of them and provide you a clear picture of the match.

It gives you the privilege to change the upper and lower goggle foam insert. This foam gives you the ability to use glasses along with a paintball mask. Many paintball players like to wear glasses with a paintball mask. This mask provides you a full chance and considered as one of the best mask for glasses.

Excellent Ventilation

As clearly visible in the product image, this mask has plenty of breathing vents on its surface. These breathing vents provide a good path for airflow. It eradicates all the breathing problems and eliminates any chances of suffocating inside the mask.

Extreme Comfort

Like every other good paintball mask, it also provides extreme comfort to the player. its lightweight design is easy to handle for longer periods. It doesn’t bother you like that heavy paintball masks. Maximum comfort of yours is ensured at any cost.




Empire E-Flex

E-Flex Paintball Goggle



  • Affordable Price
  • Comfortable interior
  • Enhanced visibility
  • Rapid Lens exchange
  • Improved Breathability
  • Hypoallergenic foam
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish look
  • Reduced Silhouette


  • Provide a bit narrow field vision

Elex paintball goggle is another best product of its kind. Anti fog lenses offer a clear picture of the playing field. The effective venting system of E Flex avoids breathability problems and hampering any mist particle to blur the lenses. Its hypoallergenic super flexible Proflex foam provides comfort to all facial contours. It’s another best product for those searching for Best Paintball Mask under 100.

After a brief overview of the product, you have an idea about the performance of it. The market is rife with the products that claim to be the best, but E Flex is proving it. It’s a stylish-looking mask with all the essential features of a premium quality mask at a very minimal cost. Let’s do a detailed review of this product.

Best Quality Air Ventilation

An effective air ventilation system is what every paintball player desires of a mask. A sound venting system is imperative for comfortable gameplay and proper breathability. E flex is equipped with the best venting system. For this purpose, holes are carved on the front and sides of the mask to ensure the proper airflow.

Ultra Quality Anti Fog Lenses

Unlike other low-quality paintball masks, E flex provides you with clear vision during the match and avoids any distortion. Its anti fog lenses are the best solution to the problem of fog. Sometimes mist particles accumulate on the mask screen, hi9ndering the vision. Thermal lenses of E Flex eliminate any chance of this inconvenience.

This mask also allows you to change the lenses rapidly. You can change the glasses with ease during gameplay because this process won’t take more than few seconds. It adds to the comfortability of the mask.

Other Quality Features

E flex has remarkable features that are rarely found in any single product. It is light in weight compared to the other products in the market, but it doesn’t compromise safety. It provides the best protection and high-impact resistance to its customers. Moreover, E flex utilizes matchless hypoallergenic foam to give the best comfort. It ensures the best comfort by applying a brake to sweat.

The makers of E flex are well acclaimed for their customer-friendly and comfortable products. Same in the case of E flex. The furnished interior of the product with a soft and flexible face skirt provides comfort to all facial contours.




G.I Sportz

G.I. SPORTZ Grill Goggles



  • Sleek design
  • Wide vision
  • Light in weight
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Bouncing back, the paintball
  • 3D lens shape
  • Comfortable product for all facial contours
  • Anti fog thermo-cured lenses
  • Anti-scratch lenses


  • Nothing particular

G.I. SPORTZ Grill Goggles is another most favorite product of the paintball players. It features all the best features of a premium mask that make it a perfect choice in Best Paintball Mask under 100. Equipped with the best qualities like the 3D lens and cutting edge shape with Anti-fog technology makes this mask a good pick if someone wants the Best paintball mask for himself.

From the above lines, you can infer that grill goggles are the perfect product for low-budget players. After reviewing a vast range of products, I have added grill goggles to this list because they deserve to be here. By having a detailed view of its features, you will know why. So let’s have a tour of what this item features.


Most of the paintball players are looking for a mask that fits well with their faces. Because fitting brings comfort, after reviewing this product, we realized that it’s matchless in this sense. Having a unique design makes it perfectly fit with all of your facial contours and provides comfort to them. Having cutting-edge technology and anti-scratch lenses, this mask is unbeatable in its symmetry.

Protection against Fog

Like other best qualities, a grill mask offers you a clear vision. Clear vision is imperative for your compelling gameplay. It features thermos-cured anti fog and anti-scratch lenses that provide the best picture to the player in any condition. It won’t allow the mist to sum up to your screen and blur your vision.

Its lenses are designed sleek with spherical shape and aggressive low profile that ensure the best visibility. You don’t need to worry about fog because that threat is permanently eliminated.

Venting System

This mask offers good breathability to its users during gameplay. It has a group of vents carved on the front and sides of the mask. These vents provide a path for the fresh air to move in and breathe to move out. Also, these vents offer you good peer-to-peer communication. This adequate ventilation drastically improves the comfortability of the mask.

Stylish outlook

The product is fascinating in its look and is liked by many the audience due to this feature. In addition to being protected, everyone wants to look fabulous on the playing field. Sleek design with a hat-like structure on the front and a bunch of breathing vents on the lower give it an attractive look.

In the end, it has a distinction. Mask is equipped with a pro flex grill that bounces back the hitting paintball. This grill is super flexible and bounces the paintball shots back, hindering them from hurting you.




Senmortar Airsoft

Senmortar Airsoft Paintball Mask under 100



  • Full fledge protection
  • Best security and comfort
  • Stability
  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for other games
  • Low price
  • Best breathability
  • Visor to avoid Glare


  • No protection from the backside of the mask

Senmortar Airsoft mask is another good product if you are bidding to find an economic paintball mask. It’s also equipped with a vast range of desirable features that allow you to have a quality product at a meager cost. It provides you with good stability and security. It offers you the best protection with comfort and durability. This mask will surely delight you with its excellent features.

It was a brief introduction of its good features. If you are looking for an ultra-quality mask at a low cost, this mask is undoubtedly for you. Once you have a detailed view of its features, you will surely love this mask. Let me take you its features to know why this mask holds a good position in Best Paintball Mask under 100.

Best Quality Protection

This mask provides the best protection to the eyes as well as other facial parts. While paintball, you have to protect yourself from paintball shots. It would help if you had a sturdy gadget to defend yourself. Senator airsoft mask can best serve this cause. This mask is designed well to protect you from any such assault.

This mask is lined with foam inside to absorb the impact. This paintball mask can be an excellent protective gear that will hold you against any enemy assault. Your eyes and all other facial features are well secure in this mask. This mask has an exceptional shape that protects the nose and mouth.

Stability and Comfort

Like any other premium quality paintball mask in the market, this mask provides you best comfort and stability during gameplay. Lines with facial foam absorb the sweat. This high-end stability makes you perform best on the playing field. In the end, comfort is everything that human needs and that is provided well by this mask.


Senmortar is a versatile product that can be used for other games like C.S. games and tactic games or airsoft B.B. competition. This versatility makes this product unique. The wide range of usage makes it highly preferable for those who want to buy one in all masks.




J.T Premise

J.T. Premise Paintball Goggle



  • Best Quality Vision
  • 260-degree wide field view
  • Fog resistant lenses
  • Good Ventilation
  • Excellent breathability
  • Stylish outlook
  • Quick lens change
  • Accept all J.T. spectra aftermarket lenses
  • Quick foam release system


  • Comparatively low impact strength

J.T. Premise Paintball Goggle is another fine product in my endeavor to find the Best Paintball Mask under 100 in the market. It’s equipped with a good range of features at a low price. This lightweight anti fog mask has earned a good reputation in recent years. Online platforms like Amazon are replete with excellent reviews about it.

After having a brief overview of the product, you know that this mask is the best fit if someone wants a low price mask with good qualities. There is a vast range of features that it shares with a premium mask. It has all the specs to be part of this list. Want to why? Let’s have an in-depth view of it.

Quality Vision

When you look for a cheap mask, you often compromise the quality. Low price masks are primarily bad at avoiding fog and are uncomfortable, but J.T. premise is an excellent product for quality. Equipped with quality anti fog lenses, J.T. premise provides the best quality vision to the customers. The comprehensive picture is deemed an essential part of quality paintball masks. J.T. premise offers you that.

Mask provides you with an ultra expansive vision of 260 degrees. Such a large playfield view allows you to spot any enemy on the field. Moreover, the J.T. premise provides you with a clear, fog-free picture. These anti fog lenses won’t let you down during the match. Quick lens exchange gives you the facility to change the lenses readily. It won’t take more than few seconds to change the lenses.

Decent Design

J.T. premise presents a decent and stylish outlook. If you are a paintball player, you are well aware that lightweight paintball masks are incredibly comfortable. But this lightweight must not compromise safety. J.T. premise is a lightweight paintball mask that makes you look cool I the playing field.

Best quality material provides you comfort as well as adequate protection under the same umbrella. I am sure that you will love this design once you start using it.

Adequate Ventilation

Mask features a good amount of air vents that provide a smooth path for airflow. These vents are present on the front side of the mouth and nose. These air vents give the best breathability. Moreover, these air vents also ensure good communication. They allow you to sputter.




Empire Paintball Helix

Empire Paintball Helix



  • Excellent visibility
  • The dual-paned thermal lens
  • Ultra quality protective gear
  • Anti-fog
  • Economical price
  • Excellent breathability
  • Comfortable tight strap
  • Visor to avoid Glare


  • Slightly less impact resistant

Empire helix paintball thermal lens goggle brings an excellent solution to the problem of expensive thermal paintball masks. It provides all those qualities to its customers that are available for hundreds of dollars. Maximum protection with the clear vision provided by thermal lenses makes this mask unique. It put a convenient option in front of those looking for the Best Paintball mask under 100.

This mask holds all good in it with a price tag of a small figure. It provides protection and ultra comfort under the same umbrella. Your search for economic paintball mask may end after having a detailed view of its exceptional qualities. So let me take you to them.

Lenses and Visibility

Thermal lenses are what every paintball players want in his mask. It’s because they don’t allow any mist to muster up at the screen and blur the vision and provide optimum Clarity to the paintball player. This mask has thermal lenses installed in it. High-quality thermal goggles will surely fulfill your expectations.

These wide glasses provide the best visibility. This mask is designed to offer you a good field view. It will paint a clear picture that will eliminate any chances of hassle and discomfort. If you are worried about losing the grip on the game by wearing a mask, forget about this. You will feel like you are wearing nothing on your head. Moreover, a removable visor avoids any kind of Glare.

Good Protection

Good protection is an imperative facility for any paintball mask to provide. This mask also serves well to this cause. Manufactured with fine graded strong material, this mask protects you from every paintball shot that may cause serious harm. It’s the best partner you want to have during a paintball match.

Explicit Comfort

Another promising prospect about this mask is comfortability. Usually, paintball matches last a little longer. If your mask is low quality, it will cause discomfort and inconvenience during gameplay, destroying your match. But this problem is solved in this mask. This product is super comfortable, and you can use it for more extended periods without any problem.




Final Words

Every paintball player needs heavy-duty protective gear to save himself from paintball shots that are fired at him. These paintballs can cause serious harm to your face. So, people look for a gadget that can provide adequate protection. Paintball masks are available in the market in a vast range and can be very beneficial in this regard.

The market is replete with good quality paintball masks that serve well to their cause. These paintball masks are of high prices. These masks are premium quality paintball masks with the best features. But, they are costly. They provide you with the best anti fog vision and high impact resistance. But if you are a beginner in a paintball game, you will indeed look for some affordable alternative.

In this article, i.e., Best Paintball Mask Under 100, I have listed ten economic and practical products to their cause. These are products are no less than premium masks in quality, but their low price makes them desirable for most of the audience; we all need an economical solution to our problems. These masks are a good pick for beginners as well as professionals.

Reviews about the products are derived from the opinion given about them on online selling platforms.


Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Q1. Are there Paintball masks under $100?

Yes, indeed there are. We know that quality masks in the market cost hundreds of dollars, but everyone can’t afford them. But when we resort to buying a cheap mask, we end up with low-quality masks. To solve this, I’ve mentioned the ten best paintball masks which lie under 100$ price tag. These masks are low in price but good in quality.

Q2. Are cheap paintball masks good in quality?

Yes, they are, but not all of them.

We know well that branded products are expensive, and they charge reasonably for the privileges they provide, but when someone starts searching for a budget-friendly product. He has to compromise on quality. But not here. The products I have listed above don’t compromise an inch on quality. They provide you with the best of the services. So don’t worry.

Be wary of low-quality products. Don’t waste money on them. Buy verified products that professionals review.

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